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Góis is a municipality of the district of Coimbra, in the central part of continental Portugal. The population in 2011 was 4,260, in an area of 263.30 km².GeographyPhysical geographyThe municipality of Góis is situated 40km in Coimbra, in the deep, narrow valley of the Ceira, between the mountains of Carvalhal and Rabadão. The municipality is limited in the north by the municipality of Arganil, east by Pampilhosa da Serra, southwest by Pedrógão Grande and Castanheira de Pera, west by Lousã and northwest by Vila Nova de Poiares.The mountains of the Penedo de Góis, which are part of the Serra da Lousã in the dry, sunny regions; and English oak and Pyrenean oak in the humid, colder areas. It is an area of appreciable landscape, composed of quartzite, accompanied by gravel along the flanks.


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