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Rua dos Fanqueiros 206, Lisbon, 1100-232
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IME is in the business of remittance solutions specializing in the delivery of world class money transfer services to families and friends around the globe. It all started 11 years ago with a humble step yet a gargantuan aspiration. Today IME boasts of a widespread international presence spanning 20 countries, a network of over 75,000 payout locations worldwide, a highly efficient workforce of more than 1000 diverse employees and a customer base of millions.

But what make us the most favored remittance operator today above all is our deep seated belief on the fact that for families and friends money contains not only a physical value but also an intrinsic value embedded with a great deal of emotions, dreams, aspirations and happiness.

For years, IME is proud to have transferred this happiness across the world. And, we will continue to do so.


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