Av. 24 de Julho, 68, Lisbon, 1200


Um projecto dedicado à nossa capital, a MAIN CITY, cosmopolita e trendy, num casamento perfeito entre três espaços distintos.

MAIN – A concept dedicated do Portugal’s Capital, Lisbon.

This Night club, the club of clubs, offers you three prespectives of Lisbon’s nightlife with old charm portuguese as a backdrop, and overlooking the breadth of the dominating Tagus river.
As our guest you will find three degrees of what MAIN´s concept has to offer you, perhaps unique in its design.

From its palatial foundations born out of the Portuguese rich commercial/trading history, you are greeted by our elegant and guest relations, who will invite you to explore the ground floor where you will find ZERO, followed by ROOM on the first floor and finally AIR on our top floor.

ZERO – this space offers the ultimate in Hip-hop, Pop and R&B, fusing the minimalist with the complex. For those in the know, uber-cool ZERO, is undeground.

ROOM – as you rock up, our resident DJs, graduated from some the very finext Portuguese and European universities of sound and nightlife, they will lead the floor with the latest global sounds of House Music. Dazzling, sexy and fun, our bright young and lovely hostesses will always serve you with a smile, and our fit and charming boys too. Has the heat of the night wins you over, and it will, you no longer observe friendly strangers but you meet them eye-to-eye.

At the very top floor, come up for AIR. Here you will find the window to the city and welcoming soft seabreeze, accompanied by indulging sounds from our favorite DJs, all will lift you to see the night sky with all its stars as well its sunrise. With the backdrop of the charm of one of Lisbon´s oldest quarters, our smart and impecable hostesses welcome you with your favorite cocktail, while you chill and chat with your new and best friends.

You already know that these Lisbon nights, these MAIN nights will be legendary, as the palatial roots of where you are standing, as beautiful as the long breathtaking views over this amazing and centuries old cosmopolitan city, your adventure and conquests start here at MAIN, your main address.

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+351 914 573 360


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