Estrada Nacional 106, 1132 Monte do Calvelo, Lustosa, 4620-256
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Calvelex are a garment manufacturer that specialise in high end womenswear. The company is based in Northern Portugal was founded in 1985 by fourth generation tailors, an excellent reflection of the rich tailoring history in Portugal

Location: Porto, Portugal
Number of factories: 3
Products manufactured: Skirts, Trousers, Shorts, Dresses, Jackets, Coats and Blouses
Production output: 1 million pieces per year
Employees: 700
Operating space: 21,000 sq.m
Experience: 30 years
Longest client: 27 years
Clients: Europe, United States, Asia

Office C, 3-5 Little Somerset House, London. E1 8AH. +44 (0) 207 702 3733. [email protected]

The foundations to our company are quality, reliability and flexibility

We cater towards the higher end of the market and have a strong focus on technology and continual investment in our factories. In 2015 we have invested 0.5million EUROS in cutting edge technology from GERBER. Our quality assurance is extremely thorough with every garment being tripled QC’d. Combined with our attention to detail and highly skilled workforce we stand out in terms of quality. The best evidence of our quality is our client base

We see this as an essential part of our service. We recognise it can be frustrating for a client when a manufacturer sets expectations they are unable to meet so this is not how we operate. We are open upfront as to what we can achieve and by when and we are transparent throughout the production process with our clients
The longevity of our client relationships, in some cases over 20 year and many over 10 years is a good indicator of our exceptional service and reliability

We understand the importance of being a flexible manufacturer given the way the industry is moving. Our goal is to provide flexibility whether it be making small or large orders or reacting quickly to accommodate our clients needs


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