Meat Up

Karachi Eat Festival 2017, Karachi,
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Born out of a true labor of love, Meat Up has been created by its founder and Head Chef Omar Shaikh to integrate his passion for cooking with fine artistry.

Debuting at Karachi EAT, Meat Up will be offering its signature dish of steak strips with a choice of your favorite sauce.

Whether your palette prefers a citrus vinaigrette inspired by Japanese cooking or a parsley infused chimichurri sauce motivated by Argentinian cuisine, Meat Up promises to satisfy your culinary expectations.

Each steak has been seared to perfection, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Thin bite size slices, garnished with fried garlic and onions and adorned with magical meat up sauces.

A must have for all the meat lovers and those who prefer the low-carb option, Meat Up guarantees satisfaction and a desire for more meat.

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