Systems Domain Est.

5th floor, Plaza No.1 Civic Center, Phase IV Bahira Town,, Rawalpindi,
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Systems Domain Establishment (SDE) is a Remote Sensing and GIS management innovation company, whose mission is to provide and support satellite image processing and GIS management needs of today, using the technologies of tomorrow.

A variety of satellite imagery can be used by our Image Processing Unit in SDE to perform global and localised enhancement and colour balancing, in order to maximise features or Area Of Interests (AOIs). Distortions caused by haze or different angles of incident light can also be rectified.

​Other digital image processing techniques can be performed when required; this can include Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), Image Orthorectification and Mosaicking and 3D City Models. Our GIS Unit at SDE can provide additional geospatial development and analysis to provide digital maps, and GIS databases.

SDE is a leading provider of advanced technologies for Remote Sensing and GIS management. SDE is highly regarded for cutting-edge products, consultancy services, and R&D activities targeting decision support needs at all phases of the management cycle.


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